The fourth April together
To celebrate Jessica's 30th birthday, we are going to have a Birthday Party together. 
Hope more people can participate and celebrate the birthday of Jessica. 

Fan Meeting Date & Time: April 7th (Sat) 5 PM to 7 PM 
Venue: Sogang University Mary Hall
Entrance Fee: US$ 40
*Ticket price includes Paypal fee. 

How to Participate
- Apply through email and pay to complete the process

1) Application time: March 11th (Sun) 2 PM – March 12th (Mon) 9 PM
Email address:
Email Subject: Date of birth (YYMMDD)/Name/Phone number
Email Subject Example: 890418/Jessica Jung/010-1989-0418
=> Application confirmation list will be released on March 13th . Make sure you check it.

* The order of the incoming emails:
①Those being sent between March 11th(Sun) 2 pm - March 12th(Mon) 9 pm.
②Those being sent before March 11th(Sun) 2 pm.
③Those being sent repeatedly after March 11th(Sun) 2 pm.
④Those being sent repeatedly before March 11th(Sun) 2 pm.

2) Applicant's payment period: March 13th  (Tuesday) ~ March 16th  (Friday) 10pm
Deposit Account:
A) Kookmin Bank 809101-04-180803 Jo*Kyoung
B) Paypal Email:
* The paypal fee is included in the ticket price. Please DO NOT pay it again yourself. The fee for repetitive payment will not be refunded.

Confirmation Email Address:
Email Subject: [입금] Name
Email Subject Example: [입금] Jessica Jung
* Note: 입금 means deposit. Please just copy & paste it to the subject of the email and add your name.
=> After receiving the payment confirmation email, the application is successful.
Successful applicants are required to collect their tickets with the ID card on the day of the event.

Please read the following statements:

1) If all tickets are sold out during the application period, the window will be closed prior to the scheduled deadline.
2) Please note that each person can only apply once and may not be able to sit with their fellow travelers. Thank you for your understanding.
3) The name and e-mail address used must be the same when applying and transferring money.
4) The seats will be decided in the order in which the mail arrives in the inbox at the time of application.
5) If no payment is made within the deadline, the application will be cancelled and the applicant will not be able to participate in Fan Meeting.
6) The remaining unsold tickets will be sold on site on the event day.
7) The ticket can be exchanged at the lobby starting at 1:00 PM on the event day. Entry will begin at 4:30 PM. 
8) Do not take pictures or videos during the event.
9) If you want to give Jessica letters, personal gifts, etc., you can give it to the staff in advance.
10) Parking ticket is 5,000 won for 4 hours and sold separately at the ticket office.
11) Please contact us through the homepage, Weibo or email.

Cancellation and Refund Information

As of March 31st, you can request a refund by email.
From April 1st, no cancellations and refunds accepted.
(Refund will exclude the amount of the processing fee.)

Note: All time is based on KOREAN Local time (KST).