In the welcoming of Jessica's 29th Birthday, we will be hosting a birthday party. 
We invite everyone to join us in the grand celebration of Jessica's birthday.

Fan Meeting Date & Time: April 15th (Sat) 4PM-6PM
Location: Ehwa womans university Samsung Hall
Entrance Fee: 25usd

How to Participate
- Apply through email and pay to complete the process

1) Application Period: March 25th (Sat) 11PM - March 26th (Sun) 10PM
Email Address:
Email Subject: Date of birth (YYMMDD)/Name/Phone number
Email Subject Example: 890418/Jessica Jung/010-1989-0418
=> Please confirm your application approval via the homepage on March 27th

* Email Order Priorities
1. Email sent between March 25th (Sat) 11PM - March 26th (Sun) 10PM
2. Email sent before March 25th (Sat) 11PM
3. Repeated email sent after March 25th (Sat) 11PM
4. Repeated email sent before March 25th (Sat) 11PM

2) Payment Period for Participants: March 27th (Mon) - March 30th (Thur) 10PM
Deposit Account: 
A) Kookmin Bank 809101-04-180803 Jo*Kyoung
B) Paypal Email:
* Please select to pay the transaction fee if you are paying with Paypal. 
* If you cannot check the box to pay for the transaction fee, please pay 26usd instead. 

Confirmation Email Address:
Email Subject: [입금] Name
Email Subject Example: [입금] Jessica Jung
* Note: 입금 means deposit. Please just copy & paste it to the subject of the email and add your name. 
=> The application is complete only upon receiving the deposit confirmation email
The final participants shall carry forms of photo IDs in order to receive the ticket on the event date

Please read the following statements:

1) The deadline may be moved forward if the seats are all filled during any time of the application period. 
2) Each individual is only allowed to apply for one seat. Please understand that you might not be able to sit with your friend. 
3) The same email address must to be used for the initial application email and the final deposit. 
4) The seatings will be decided in the order of emails received. 
5) If you fail to pay the deposit within the designated time, your application will be canceled and you will not be allowed to attend the fan meeting. 
6) The remaining seats will be sold at the event site. 
7) The ticket exchange will start at 1PM, and entrance will be made available starting at 3:30PM. 
8) All acts of photographing, video recording, and voice recording are forbidden at this event. 
9) If you wish to, you can prepare letters and/or personal gifts.
10) Parking tickets are sold at the ticket booth separately at ~2usd for 4 hours.
11) Please direct all your questions to our homepage, twitter, or weibo.

※ Please note that all dates and times are devised to Korean Standard Time.