Long Giang Land Rivera Park Saigon Real Estate is back strongly not only owns the turnover of a thousand billion, profit suddenly but most importantly set up the rails and speed up the long-term strategy of status a leading real estate builder.

Ho Chi Minh Real Estate surprise at a new project of a new investor led the sales pace in the market. Leased Rivera Park Saigon sold 90% of the apartment within 3 months after the sale. Moreover, to 2017, to hand over the apartment price has risen about 20% ... rare phenomenon on the market.

But most suddenly when you get home and enjoy the real apartment. Rare to bring the project has a village price but built and completed high quality property such as Rivera Park Saigon.

Accordingly, the apartments are designed in a modern style, owns a balcony and a loggia drying, all rooms are exposed to the wind and natural light. Fire resistant doors according to Japan standard, tempered glass heat insulation method - three-layer sound insulation, fire alarm system to each apartment, central air-conditioning system combined fresh air for the apartment, reasonable lock 3 methods ... are the first details applied in the apartment in Vietnam.

Interior interior when Rivera Park is handed over?

The famous white-baranoque white baranoftechnology of Germany is only available in 5 star hotels, which are also installed at Saigon bán chung cư rivera park Park. Electrical appliances, kitchens and cabinets are all finished with high-end appliances of the world's leading brands ... to create the distinctive quality of the Rivera Park apartment.

Along with that, the service benefit system has 3 high speed elevators, modern security control system, indoor swimming pool 300 m2, indoor park 2,000 m2 ... Especially, the owner Private money has been added to paving stone when not every hall, road, flower gardens for residents.

Through a survey of more than 90% of buyers have tested the quality of affordable and very affordable when carrying suitcase to his 'place of peace'.

15/10/2017, at Rivera Park Saigon handed over is in the joy of you mark success in Saigon, the 'brother' Rivera Park Hanoi is in the sprint phase. After 18 months of construction, Rivera Park Hanoi has the roof of both towers, by the end of 2017 the rough construction was completed and completed before the 2018 holiday. The investor is finishing the project to table Delivery ahead of schedule on 5/2018.

Rivera Park Hanoi is an outstanding project located on prime location: Vu Trong Phung crossroads - Nguyen Huy Tuong street, Vu Trong Phung street is expanding in 2018.

With success from Saigon, in Hanoi has been invested Long Giang Land, upgraded to get more product Rivera Park brand. Long Giang Land is committed to bring buyers a sense of quality 5-star apartment with 3 elements: prominent utility - luxurious interior - 5 star service.

All that has forced the Rivera Park Saigon will be upgraded, applied for Rivera Park Hanoi. Accordingly, the apartments are equipped with modern know-how and technology to serve the widespread needs of project residents; The system can serve almost the same service perfectly, taking care of the smallest needs of customers. In particular, the interior of the apartment is complete with the cheapest materials and the cheapest available in the market.

With committed, real estate projects under the motto "Real - real - real value" from mark Rivera Park Sai Gon, Long Giang Land faithfully welcomed the ownership of Rivera Park Hanoi in 2018. .

Motive number

Mr. Ho Hong Ha - General Director of Long Giang Land stressed, although people are behind but Long Giang Land is gradually affirming its reputation and reputation. With the success in 2017 and the plan to break through in 2018, Long Giang Land will become a pioneer enterprise with a series of activities in the real estate sector from investment, construction, real estate and management. Reclaimed in many years of experience and standard.

The financial report of Q4 / 2017 and the whole year of Long Giang Land showed that the sales reached VND830.4 billion and the total profit before tax reached 123 billion - exceeded the plan! Impressive figure if 2016 is a challenging year at Long Giang Land plus two large projects in Saigon and Hanoi. In the first 9 months of 2016, the profit was just over 5 billion dong.

At the shareholders' meeting in April 2017, the chairman of the board of directors - Le Ha Giang announced the target of VND1,000 billion in revenue, VND100 billion in profit in 2017 and 4 times in 2016 respectively. feasibility questions.

Overcoming challenges, Long Giang Land has brought revenue and profit history in more than 10 years. This is the driving force for Long Giang Land to enter the new stage. If 2016 is the foundation year 2017, the Long Jiang Land was placed on the rails to accelerate.

Mr. Ha said that in 2018, the supermarket aims to revenue 1,200 billion, profit
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